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What we wear, what we use in bathroom, our transport, the technology we use, how we treat illnesses and how we get electricity——you have found the industrial applications of chemistry directly affect our daily lives more and more. Chemicals help us solve so many problems, including food production, managing environment, water treatment and promoting human and environmental health.

Having twenty years experience and more in the field of chemical export, Sure Chem owns professional staffs to provide outstanding support worldwide. We select qualified Chinese supplier and provide the China-original superior quality of material,which can help our customer cut their cost and show a good performance in their project.

Also we could supply some other chemicals except Concrete admixtures, Food additives, Mining chemicals, Water treatment chemicals, Nutritional supplements, and Agricultural fertilizers. Find what you need as follows:


1. Barium Carbonate
2. Barium Hydroxide
3. Calcium Chloride
4. EDTA Series
5. Magnesium Sulphate
6. Bath Epsom Salts
7. Oxalic Acid
8. Paraffin Wax
9. Potassium Bicarbonate
10. Potassium Carbonate
11. Sodium Acetate
12. Soda Carbonate
13. Zinc Phosphate
14. Silica Gel
15. Manganese Sulfate
16. Sulfamic Acid
17. Ammonium Chloride
18. Zinc Chloride
19. Zinc Sulfate

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