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CAS No:9050-36-6




Maltodextrine is made from refined cornstarch enzymatically by advanced processing technology.Good fluidity,no particular smell; Good solubility with proper mucosity; Low hydroscopicity,less agglomeration,Good carrier for sweeteners,aromatizer,stuffing; Emulsification and consistency ; improving the shape and structure of food; Easy absorption suitable as food stuffing for the invalid as well as the elders and infants; Good stability against recrystallization.


Test Item Standard
Appearance White without the impurity that can be seen by eye
Moisture, % 6
PH 4.06.0
DE Value, % 7-13 OR 15-20
Solubility, % 98
Iodine experiment Not changing blue
Bacterium total, /g 3000
E.coli 30
Heavy mental (Pb, As), ppm 0.5


1).Used in egg products and grease powder to stabilize protein and fat, increase solubility, stabilize the alimentation elements and increase product flavor, Quantity suggested:5%-10%(in egg product)10%-40%(in grease powder).
2).Down-saccharinity agent. Maltodextrin with weak sweetness, used as filling in food processing such as sweets, ice cream, jam, cakes etc; can improve the flavor of other material in the products.
3).Bonding agent. If proper amount of maltodextrin powder is added to solid granules or ball candies or white-sugar rice cakes, molding rate is increased and work efficiency is improved.
4).Stabilizier. Maltodextrin belongs to large numerator saccharide, high vicidity and high foam stability. Therefore, it can be used as foam stabilizer in beer making .
5).Source of carbohydrate in high-energy drink for athletes. Maltodextrin possesses characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, which fits athletes training to increase sugar content in musculature and enhance physical strength and eliminate fatigue.

Package: 25kg woven bag      


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