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Concrete Admixtures

Cement Content-reducing Admixture for Concrete                     

ZX-CRA-01 is a kind of water-soluble polymer specially developed for concrete system, which is used to improve concrete strength and reduce cement consumption, also known as Cementitious Materials-reducing Admixture for Concrete.


Technical Data



Test Method


Colorless or light yellow

Visual inspection

Solid Content

75 - 77%


Density @25,

1.06-1.12 g/cm3

JC/T 2469-2018

PH Value @ 20

11 - 12

JC/T 2469-2018

Chloride Content


JC/T 2469-2018

Total alkali content



1.Applicable to Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag cement, fly ash cement, etc.
2.Suitable for ready-mixed concrete, pipe piles, precast components, railway and water conservancy projects, etc.

Mechanism of action
Through the bridging and recombination function of polymer molecules, the cement paste can be isolated and distributed uniformly by the cement reducing agent, so as to improve the paste lifting and wrapping properties of concrete. This product reduces the amount of cementitious material by improving the performance of concrete paste. Its performance advantage is especially obvious when using machine-made sand, ultra-fine sand and discontinuous graded coarse aggregate.
The water-soluble polymer contained in ZX-CRA-01 can change the rheological properties of the mixture and obtain the best stability by adjusting the slurry properties. ZX-CRA-01 has multiple effects:
-Maintaining internal cohesion during concrete placement
-Improve pulp extraction and wrapping performance
-Prevention of concrete segregation after pouring   

As a cement content-reducing Admixture for Concrete, ZX-CRA-01 can improve the workability of concrete without affecting the water reducing rate, slump retention and setting time of the admixture, and can effectively improve the later strength of concrete.
As a cement content-reducing Admixture for Concrete, ZX-CRA-01 can make the bubble in concrete more stable and not easy to crack, so when using air entraining agent, the air entraining effect is better. At the same time, the effect of ZX-CRA-01 is very stable, and there will be no delamination and precipitation during long-term storage.
For the common C25 and C30 concrete, due to the low amount of glue material, if the sand and stone gradation is not ideal, once the concrete slump is large, it is very easy to appear stone accumulation, bleeding and bleeding. ZX-CRA-01 can absorb excess water through polymer structure and form three-dimensional network structure, which can effectively improve the workability of concrete.
At the same time, as a cement Content-reducing Admixture for Concrete, it can reduce the sensitivity of concrete system to raw materials (cement, mineral powder, sand, stone, etc.), water consumption and water reducing agent dosage. Therefore, the concrete system prepared by the concrete system has a broader working window and reduces the work difficulty of the production and quality control personnel of concrete enterprises.
-Increase the dispersion of cement and mineral admixtures
-Improve the adsorption capacity of water reducing agent and reduce the sensitivity of water reducer dosage
-Increase concrete strength and improve construction performance
-Reduce the amount of cement and mineral powder and reduce the cost

Usage and Precautions
1. The product is diluted 20 times with water (i.e. 1 part of ZX-CRA-01 is evenly mixed with 19 parts of water), and the dosage after dilution is 0.6-0.8% of the weight of cementitious material. When the cement is used for the first time or the cement variety is changed, the best mixing amount must be selected.
2. When the product is used for the first time or the type of cement is changed, a trial mix must be carried out to select the best mixing amount.
3. In order to ensure the accuracy of the experiment, it is suggested that the concrete sample should be more than 20L.
4. The product and other types of water reducer and mixing water mixed together, stir evenly after adding.
5. For the first sample, it is recommended to reduce cement by 10%.

As a cement content-reducing Admixture for Concrete, ZX-CRA-01 can be compatible with concrete raw materials (cement, mineral powder, sand, stone, etc.), and ZX-CRA-01 has good compatibility with most PCE, air entraining agent, retarder, early strength agent, etc.

Packaging and Storage
-ZX-CRA-01 is available in plastic Drum,IBC tank and Flexi Bag.
-Storage at 0-45℃, to avoid direct sunlight or freezing.
-The shelf-life is normally 12 months. It is tested eligibility and then used when it exceeds.

Cement Content-reducing Admixture for Concrete

As a cement content-reducing Admixture for Concrete, ZX-CRA-01 does not contain any harmful substances to be labeled.
Follow construction industry standard precautions, such as wearing gloves and protective goggles, to use the ZX-CRA-01 safely. For more safety and environmental advice, please refer to the safety technical manual and use it as required.

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