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CAS No.: 52009-14-0
Molecular formula: C6H6O6Ca
Molecular weight: 214.19



1. Characteristic

Calcium Pyruvate is the calcium salt of Pyruvic Acid, which is very stable, white crystalline powder, odorless, almost neutral, and slightly soluble in water. Pyruvate is extremely unstable and easily oxidized. The weak oxidants Fe and H2O2 can oxidize pyruvic acid into acetic acid and release carbon dioxide. Pyruvate is an intermediate product in the process of carbohydrate metabolism in the organism, and it is also a necessary transit point for protein and lipid metabolism. Under natural conditions, it is a colorless liquid with pungent odor, with a boiling point of 165°C (decomposition). Soluble in water, in addition to the typical properties of hydroxy acid and ketone, it also has the characteristics of a-keto acid. Pyruvate is the simplest a-keto acid (belonging to hydroxy acid).

2. Specification

Items Index
Assay >99.0%
Calcium ≥15.0%
Pyruvate ≥60.0%
Loss on drying ≤10%
Heavy metals ≤100ppm
Arsenic ≤1ppm
Bulk dengity 0.5-0.9







3. Uses
Calcium pyruvate is a chemical raw material, intermediates, and more extensive use. Calcium Pyruvate is the calcium salt of Pyruvate Acid. As a dietary supplement, Calcium Pyruvate has the effects of accelerating fat consumption, reducing weight, enhancing human endurance, and improving athletic performance; It has a special protective effect on the heart, can enhance the efficiency of heart muscle, and reduce heart disease or cardiac ischemia. At the same time, Calcium Pyruvate has significant effects such as swallowing free radicals in the body and inhibiting the generation of free radicals.

4. Application
1) Weight loss
When calcium pyruvate enters the body, it is first replaced by hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach with a weak organic acid-pyruvate (molecular weight 88), which easily penetrates the cell membrane and enters the cell, and reaches the mitochondria, the energy processing plant of the body cells through osmosis. The imported fatty acids (mainly long-chain type) are oxidized and burned for energy, and the body macroscopically shows fat reduction and weight loss. The scientific test results of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Research Center are surprising: calcium pyruvate can increase fat consumption by at least 48%.

2) Increase endurance
Dr. Ronald Tank of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Research Center first asked the volunteers to take exercise endurance tests before taking the test, and then asked them to take calcium pyruvate for seven consecutive days. The results showed that calcium pyruvate supplemented at least 20% of the subjects. endurance. This is of immense significance to athletes. It will bring huge vitality to manual workers, high-intensity mental workers and athletes, but its nature is not a stimulant, so it has a boundless future.

3) Excellent calcium supplement
Calcium pyruvate is also a calcium nutritional supplement. Although its calcium content is less than 20%, it enters the human body, unlike other calcium supplement products, which will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys and produce side effects. Pyruvate ions can enter the cells to participate in organic matter metabolism without losing weight without affecting protein storage.

4) Lower cholesterol and low density cholesterol (LDL)
This is of great significance in clinical nutrition, and effectively prevents the appearance of high blood index and related diseases, because the main component that causes cardio-cerebral atherosclerosis is low-density cholesterol (LDL).

5) Improve heart function
This is mainly because calcium pyruvate acts on the mitochondria of myocardial cells to supply the energy required for myocardial activity in time, improve myocardial pumping endurance, and thereby extend the life of the heart

5. Safety
So far, no side effects have been found. It is widely found in foods such as apples, milk cool black tablets, red wine, etc. It is itself an intermediate product in the process of cell oxidation and energy supply, so its safety ratio is extremely high.

6. Reserve and transport
Each pasteboard barrel which is covered with plastic inside weighs 25kg. It should be put in a shady and cool and dry place, kept away from alkali and acid. Long exposure to air should be avoided. The packing should remain intact in reserve and transport.


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